Christmas Decorations For A Cozy, Festive Home

December 1st is our national day, but more importantly it’s a day off from work, free to celebrate or simply reconnect with our dear ones. This year, it fell on a Thursday. Many struck a deal with the boss and got Friday off too, so they could enjoy a mini-holiday. I didn’t; in fact, my procrastination got to the point where I had to work more than ever this week. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday buried in work, chugging coffee after coffee. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I told T. I needed a dose of energy ASAP.

Nothing lifts my spirits more than a Christmas shopping spree. Every year, I can’t help but buy adorable decorations for the Christmas tree and candle holders. This time, though, I was really committed to turn my house in a festive home with all the bells and whistles.

“Pit” stop: Jumbo. 

Jumbo is a toy megastore I found about this year, just 15 min. from home. It has an incredible range of toys, craft tools, kitchen, bath and beyond necessities, even clothes. The best thing about it is the incredible prices – more than half of their products go under the < 1 euro price range! That means my biggest purchase was just 5.54 euros ($5.91). A true bargain!

Here’s what I filled my basket with:

A Christmas wreath with gold flowers and decorations 

christmas deco candle

It goes around a sturdy forest green candle I already had. It’s rich and sparkly and it will go great as a centerpiece on the table. I strongly encourage you to find a similar item.

Christmas deco candle

A golden deer made out of sticks of wood

Christmas deco golden deer

This can work under the Christmas tree or on a shelf, as well as an exterior decoration.

A Snowman pillow  

christmas deco pillow

Okay, this wasn’t necessary at all – I already have my share of pillows for the living room sofa, including a green sequined one and a red one for exactly this period of the year. But how could I resist that faaace?! Look at it – those tiny eyes and carrot nose. It’s frankly adorable, which is saying much, especially from a Fashion Grinch. (Disclaimer: I’m a grinch in all things fashion and style, but never when it comes to Christmas!)

A red tablecloth, golden platter and Rudolph tiny bowl

Christmas deco platter

Plus coasters. Let’s not forget about the coasters. These right here are really going to bring Christmas cheer when friends come around. I encourage you to invest in an elegant tablecloth too, preferably without an evident pattern – in the right light, you can see here snowflakes but since they have a delicate red contour, it’s almost as if they didn’t exist.

Christmas tree decorations & stocking, Santa’s cookie jar, pine cones

Christmas deco misc

What you see here are some goodies I plan to add to the Christmas tree, windows, chimney and kitchen.

Biscuit jar

The ceramic Santa will store cookies and candies, the bows are going to go around the house (desk, tree, mason jars, you name it), various ceramic, wood, clay traditional decorations are going to give a fairy tale appearance to the tree.

Christmas deco various

The silver stocking is for small presents, of course, and pine cones are reserved for a larger seasonal arrangement.

Christmas stocking

Oh, and the red star is adhesive and can easily go on a window.

What do you think? Did I put you in the Christmas mood? If I didn’t, get rid of that frown, put some Christmas carols and think of one thing: this time around, you don’t have to be the adult. You can be a kid again, trimming the tree, laughing out loud, giving love and cherishing everything good you have in this life. It’s maybe the only time when you can let go of all your worries and no one will dare judge you.

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