It Was Chemistry At First Sight

Simple. Effortless. Minimalist with a twist. These adjectives can barely describe clothes anymore, in an era when all the previous fashion decades are trendy again, from the 50s to the 90s. Yet, I’ve found them easy to attribute to Chemistry Studio’s clothing lines.

Magazines would like you to believe that everything and anything is in style today.

In reality, I think clean cuts and the basic lines of tailoring are the sole things meant to withstand time. Now, you’re probably thinking – is she talking about t-shirts and jeans?! Yes and no. While they’ll always be our fail-safes on days when we don’t careabout “looking fabulous”, I’m talking about clothes that speak, that draw people in with delicate whispers. Clothes that are classic, but not boring, comfortable but not lazy, that are simple and fluid with a twist.

I’ve encountered this seemingly unreachable ideal in Chemistry Studio’s collections.

This year, their autumn/winter clothes are a suite of splendid proportions and huggable textures, a sort of approachable elegance – crisp but not rigid, not arrogant. An oversized coat, a chunky sweater and a wool jumpsuit in yellow, mustard, pink and black are my picks from their collection:

The Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 collection – [Crypto] – has a complex and surprising life breath – the light and shadow game drawn up in the mushrooms’ leaves. […] The collection title, inspired by a renowned poem written by Ion Barbu, is based on the Greek term „cryptos”, which means „veiled” or „hidden”, terms that define the existential environment of mushrooms and which at the same time make us think about the woman body, covered with clothing in the cold season, namely… hidden.

Besides these refreshingly simple clothes, I’ve smiled at the sight of ruffled separates, this palazzo jumpsuit and lapel dress, all made by Vera Alecsa*:

What do you think – is this the time we went back to basics?

*Vera Alecsa is a Romanian designer and chemistry grad. She worked in marketing, before realizing that wasn’t her true call in life. A journey of self-discovery began. The accidental sight of an old painting of hers inspired her to pick up where she had left off. Vera started taking illustration courses only to discover the pleasure of sketching clothes. After a while, she had the courage to start her own business and clothing store, Chemistry Studio. 

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