How To Bring Pantone Greenery Into Your House

For 2016, Pantone made a sensible choice: 2 colors, instead of one, easy to translate in a stylish wardrobe or modern home: rose quartz and serenity. You can see these 2 colors blend in the early afternoon sky; the combo gives you a feeling of calm, well-being, balance. For 2017 though, the ultimate authority on color changed drastically its perspective declaring Greenery the winning shade. Raw, revitalizing, strong, it represents life itself and new beginnings. But isn’t it a bit too much to wear or even look at in your home? Not really, I found.

To be frank, I was one step ahead of Pantone this time. I love all shades of green – army and emerald green for fall, mint green for spring and lime for summer. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that upon moving, I wanted to have pops of green color in the kitchen and livingroom. It so happens that the shade I’ve veered to is exactly the Greenery Pantone is talking about.

Believe me, by investing in essentials of small to medium size instead of buying a whole green rug or couch, you can freshen up your home without messing up the existent color scheme.

wheat pantone

1.Start with plants. Choose the most luxurious, rich ones you can find, with a velvety foliage in this bright color. They can go in the corner of a room or at the windows.

ikea apple candle pantone

2. Make a neutral livingroom or a black&white bedroom bright and full of vitality with apple-scented candles. This one is from Ikea.

nescafe dolcegusto pantone

3. Find the perfect coffee cups with pops of green. Mine are glass with yellow-green handles in a perfect size but you can choose porcelain ones with patterns or ceramic with drops of Greenery.

plates zoom pantone

4.Keep going with the green! How about some beautiful plates? One covered in green, the other one barely touched at the rim?

cutlery plates pantone

5. Now, that you’re getting more confident with your choices, seal the deal with green cutlery.

vase pantone

6. Instead of placing all your flowers in a vase, why not keep some of them to put in smaller, green vases? It would complete the natural decor you’re building up.

chocolate gift pantone

7. For a special dinner or lunch inspired by Pantone’s latest color, you can even send guests home with small gift bags, containing an indulgent treat wrapped up or already packed in colorful paper/box.

Here are Pantone’s suggestions for embracing 2017 color:

Instead of wearing head to toe green to be trendy, isn’t it better to play with Pantone’s Greenery at home? Test the waters, see if it brings you the energy and joy it should.

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