The Best Accessories For New Year’s Eve

Few people know that I was big on rock in high school. I can’t say I was a “rocker” since I loved more dressing in black and wearing studs than acquiring musical knowledge. I remember listening to Linkin Park and Muse, conturing eyes with heavy black kohl and wearing leather spiked chokers. My beauty habits have changed but I”m still partial to a choker. This time though, I’m going for elegant and feminine.

Velvet bands with crystals and pearls are usually pretty expensive but I managed to find an affordable variant last weekend.

Sold by Aioffe, a clothing and now jewelry store, the pieces combine rich velvet and suede in deep purple, emerald green and burgundy with crystals and pearls.

My favorite was the one above, priced at $14. Pretty affordable, right? At the most, they should cost $20. Either way, you pay the same or more at Zara for more basic items.

Here are two other pieces from Aioffe, in 20’s style, that would make the best New Year’s Eve accessories:

20s style aioffe chokers

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