How to Wear Velvet From Monday To Friday

It’s hard to wear velvet – don’t tell me it isn’t.

This fabric is opulent, fancy, over-the-top – why did you think miladies from the Renaissance wore them daily? Their velvet was adorned with intricate patterns sewn with silver and gold thread but now only eccentrics and fashion darlings dare to wear them in a similar manner.

Do you think I embraced this trend? Not entirely. I do love a velvet shoe or choker and I secretly own a velvet YSL blazer – “secretly” meaning I displayed it in society on two occasions  – but I’m far from trying on a velvet piece for the office or a coffee break. I still remember when mom made me a dress in burgundy velvet and gold for my role as Duchess Anastasia in a school play… so I have a certain way of looking at this fabric.

But holidays are approaching and it’s high time we faced our fears and started wearing velvet on a daily basis, to the office, at business meetings or casual lunches. Here’s my tips for styling such outfits WITHOUT looking like a runway copycat or a pretentious co-worker.

Monday Boost

velvet red blazer oasap

What better way to start a work week than brimming of confidence with the help of a red lipstick blazer? This deep red velvet jacket has a clean cut that makes it appropriate for work and envy-inducing. Yeaah, you don’t want to be envied at work.. that’s what you keep saying to yourself, anyway. Truth is being admired on a Monday morning will give you more energy than a cup of Joe can.

This soft-to-the-touch blazer is from Oasap ($89).

Tuesday Marathon

velvet boots

The second day of the work week can be even more daunting. Mondays, you’re recovering from the exciting weekend, but on Tuesdays you need a sharp mind and plenty of focus. These velvet boots are going to keep your stride elegant and swift, thanks to the medium, chunky heel.

Find similar variants to the one above here  and here. 

velvet shoes

Alternatively, you can pair cropped trousers with masculine shoes in a deep forest green shade. Find another take on the flat velvet shoe trend here.

Wednesday Multitask

velvet bag

I don’t know about you, but for me, if there’s one day when I have to do it all – laundry, shopping, job, meetings – that has to be Wednesday. On this day, I have to be everywhere, checking my watch every hour. All my necessities, from phone and wallet to hairpins, perfume and beauty bag, have to be stored in a (preferably chic) place. This velvet tote from Maison Martin Margiela does the trick.

Look out for any simple, roomy, understated bag made from velvet and you have a winner for the office/shopping/dental appointment/brunch… etc. Alternatively, choose a medium-sized backpack with a luxe feel, like this one from Michael Kors. Beautiful and practical.

Thursday Chill

velvet jacket

It’s beginning to look a lot like the weekeeend… so, naturally, you can’t wait to finish work. Fitted clothes and restraining shoes are the last things you want to pull out from the closet. Why not go for a velvet bomber jacket instead? Even a velvet hoodie could do the trick. Pair it with tailored pants or black, straight jeans, and it won’t attract your boss’ attention. This versatile piece might be the next item in my closet, too.

Friday Casual

velvet pants

Everybody loosens up on Friday. So the last day of work before the weekend is a perfect opportunity to wear something a bit more daring but not inappropriate. Olivia Palermo paired red velvet cropped pants with a simple white sweater and a navy jacket. Her bag and shoes are too much for the office but the rest makes for a winning combination.

Do your own mix by styling velvet pants with a chunky neutral sweater, sneakers and a wool coat.

P.S. The girl in the featured photo is wearing  a velvet collar; try it yourself when you want a discreet accessory.

credits:, FameFlynet, Pinterest

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