The One Thing Everyone Really Wants For Christmas

The perfect Christmas present? It doesn’t exist. It’s a myth. You can’t offer someone everything they want, exactly how they want it. In the best of cases, you’ll make one of their wishes come true.

For a brief moment, they’ll be extremely happy. And then the moment will pass and they will realize there are dozens of other things they don’t have. And they’re going to be miserable again.

Instead of collecting material presents, why not give the root of all gifts? LOVE.

Make your mom feel loved by inviting her to spend the weekend at your place – just the two of you, like you used to.

Make your son feel loved by challenging him to a fight with snowballs. Or something else he always wanted to do with you, but you felt “too silly” to do it.

Make a colleague feel loved by solving their tasks for the day so he can take off.

Make your sister/brother feel loved just by hugging them in the middle of a heated discussion instead of yelling.

Make your partner feel loved by telling them “I love you” every single day; by taking over the chores they hate; by embracing their dreadful habit.

Everyone wants to feel loved all the time, but especially at Christmas. Behind all kinds of gifts and beautiful gestures resides love. All suffering can be eased or erased with love. The lack of a home, parents, job, partner, the lack of friends, money, everything can go away with an act of love.

Write a letter if you can’t say the words; help with money if you can’t offer something better;  give a compliment, give a helping hand, offer a shoulder to cry on, let go of your ego, compromise if you have to and even show love by giving something of value to you away. Because showing love is easy when there’s no added cost; the real challenge is to act out of love when you could lose more than you imagined.

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