7 Things That Will Make Any Outfit Party Ready

A couple of hours and we’ll be stepping in the New Year. For some of you, this moment comes with a blank page of resolutions waiting to be written, a vast living room prepped for a party or an RSVP to a night of glamour that you re totally not ready for. I mean, you have no shiny, metallic dress to show off or couture jumpsuit.

My advice? If you have to go, don’t be a sourpuss all night long. Dress up that LBD, jeans and crop top, satin blouse and midi skirt with a couple of party ready accessories:

let s party outfits accessories

1.Crystal turban  for a sophisticated, exotic touch.

2.Leather gold choker  for the off-the-shoulder blouse you’ve been waiting to rock all year long.

3.Satin+glitter+crystal sandals  that elevate any outfit, be it a cropped pant with simple shirt or pleated skirt.

4.Floral gold headband  for a bit of sparkle in your hair.

5.Cutout leather belt to cinch in a loose t-shirt dress or a masculine shirt.

6. Zirconia hair comb  for a glamorous, loose bun that goes great with a simple dress.

7. Skinny scarf for any sleeveless top. Pair it with black suit trousers and you’ll be an instant hit at the party.

Now that you’re ready, bring the festive mood with you and make sure you have a spare pair of shoes for a dance night like no other!

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