Perfect Winter Coats For Every Body Shape

They seem to serve one purpose in life. Winter coats, that is. To keep you warm, safe, to make sure you don’t end up like a giant icycle at work. Yet we seldom think of all that in the stores.

We don’t check out the labels to see how much wool was used to make them or if they’re water repellent. We couldn’t care less if they’re properly isolated or if they feature a hood – after all, that’s just a cool accessory most of the time!

As with our skirts, blouses and pants, we care about fit, color and texture. Does this coat show our assets? Is it waist-friendly or are those curves completely lost in the sea of fabric?

Warmth is practical but not chic. And who gives up on looking chic?!

Luckily, I didn’t have to give up on anything – chicness or warmth. This coat, an impulse purchase from Kenneth Cole, proved to be comfy, cozy and stylish.



Think about this: I spent my morning hopping from one snow pile to another, choking from all the scarf maneuvers, just to show it to you! If that’s not coat love, I don’t know what is!




As gorgeous as this faux fur buttery coat is, I’m well aware that it won’t fit all of you. And that’s totally okay! A head to toe fur jacket would look horrible on me, turn me into a Yeti on heels!



So, here’s what YOU should be looking for, according to your body shape:

  • a low cut coat if you have a sublime, generous chest but a rather undefined waist (see the red coat for an apple body shape)
  • a coat that plays with volume and texture like the faux fur one below if you have an inverted triangle body shape (narrow hips, medium chest)
  • a masculine cut if you have a rectangle shape (also known as the “model body” – thin, athletic, but not necessarily curvy)
  • anything with a big collar, accessories, shapes or color accents in your upper body if you have a triangle shape (small chest, wide hips); the bright yellow parka below should look great on you
  • a sexy, low cut, vertical striped coat for those of you lucky enough to sport an hourglass shape (think Beyonce; generous chest, wide hips)

{Olive coatBanana Republic wool blend coatWithChic red coatBalmain stripe coat, J Crew faux fur hooded coat}

With one of these babies in your closet, you’ll skip Gilmore Girls for a winter-y brunch!

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