How To Avoid Haters And Just…Relax Online

The moment you’ve formed an opinion, you’ve won a hater. No questions asked.

We’re living in an age where tolerance, especially online, does not exist. I’ve seen dozens of women and men insulting and shouting online (I think we all know what CAPS and exclamation points mean!) from a presumed sense of (gender) equality. They say they want balance, but go about achieving it in an agressive, completely unbalanced, way.

There’s no presumption of innocence, no asking “why?” before going in full battle mode.

It happened to me as well. Hard facts presented through a metaphor, in a sarcastic or humorous way, but always true, were seen as clickbait. Whaaat?!!! The last time I checked, clickbait was manipulating people into clicking something by using false means – pictures, words that are deceptive in nature, that make the user believe one thing when the story is another thing completely.

That’s clickbait. Managing to put a story in clever words, in a context that makes it appealing or suggests the grave implications it can have on the future is just that: clever.

Or when people are taking the time and effort of attacking what I say, a personal opinion in the end, on my profile!

There’s talk about living and letting others live but today, in a world where everybody thinks they own the truth, that couldn’t be farther from reality.

Imagine the same thing happening in real life. You’re at a table, discussing whatever topics, and one of you states that he “totally agrees” with that or “completely loves” that. Who would jump at his throat for a simple statement? Nobody! Some would agree, others wouldn’t, in the end we’d move on.

But on the Internet, a simple disagreement is always fueled by the sheer numbers of strangers who stumble upon it and haven’t talked enough that day. Things get worse by anonymity, too.

At a table, you wouldn’t dare say what you say online.

Why? First, you know the people sitting next to you at the table. How can you insult without remorse people you care about or that influence your life in a big way? Online, though, you’ll never meet them so hello, insults! Second, the anonymity Internet offers – a place to speak, to shout without others attempting to trace those comments back to your address – makes it so easy!

Don’t I need to take responsibility for my actions? No? Oh, well, then count me in! I have a couple of things to lash out about!”

Honestly, I don’t know why people have to get involved. All the time. About everything. I’m so sick of exaggerations, hatred, superficial “role models”, all around bullshit, that I stop acting. After a first attempt to say my two cents, I stop, guys.


Not because I don’t know what’s wrong or right, nor because I don’t want things to change. But because I realize everybody is entitled to an opinion, as screwed up as it is. Life itself, not a couple of strangers on the Internet, will make them see if they’d been right all along or if it’s time to face the truth, change their ways and carve a new path.

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