How To Get Out Of A Style Rut

After doing the obligatory Spring clean-up, it dawned on me that my closet was overflowing of clothes that I had totally forgotten about. I found items from years ago that I kept for “special occasions” (that never came, of course!) and others that made my heart skipped a beat. As if I were in a store, seeing them from the first time.

What did that mean?

a. I had to get my shit together and save an hour to organize that closet!

b. I was falling in a style rut, grabbing what was more convenient early in the morning, instead of mixing it up

As you can imagine, convenient meant one of the two or three pairs of jeans that stood out from the closet, a clean t-shirt, sneakers and the jacket that was closer to the door. Basically, I had created a uniform without even realizing it. Worse of all, it reflected only my morning laziness, not my personality and taste.

If that sounds familiar, it’s time to act. I, for one, thought briefly of planning my outfit the night before wearing it... but who was I kidding? I was sure to fall asleep on the couch before even remembering I was supposed to create an outfit. Besides, once I land on the couch, it’s time to binge-watch my favorite TV shows, not get all energetic and creative.

So, I figured I should make a strategy that suits me, not the other way around. In this past weekend, I spent half an hour planning ALL my outfits for the following week. Yep, ALL five for working days, not just the one for Monday. As it wasn’t practical to hang them around the house, I resolved to lay them on the bed and take a picture of every single one on my iPhone. Once I’m done wearing one, I can delete the photo and forget about it.

I strongly suggest you do the same if you feel like you’re wearing the same thing every. single. day. Plus, you can even store all photos for a sort of style diary.

I began with a casual outfit, mixing a powder pink velvet dress with a simple, grey tee, silver Vans and Parfois minibag:

style rut velvet outfit

Mix-and-matching went pretty smooth and soon, the photo series was culminating with a Friday outfit that’s appropriate for the office, a business meeting (with a black, thin cape I got last fall) and drinks with friends:

style rut pants outfit

style rut accesories

Ready to get out of your style rut? 

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