Probably The Worst Idea Ever For A Nail Polish

As often as I discover real bargains and cool accessories, I stumble upon weird products. Really, things that sound excentric at first sight but after careful examination, turn out to be unusable or too crazy to sport more than one time.

That is the case with Groupon’s first ever edible nail polish. I can only assume they got the idea from edible underwear and thought DIY manicures are so popular these days, somebody’s bound to try it on. But guess what: Groupon released it only as a prize draw around – wait for it – Mother’s Day. Apparently, it would be fun to use it for nail painting with their daughters.

Whaat?! First of all, Groupon claims this nail polish contains real prosecco so I doubt mothers would let their small kids taste booze. And if they want to do it alone, to relax after work, wouldn’t a real Prosecco glass do the trick? Oooh, but maybe they want to get happy at work…

No. Not probable.

And we’re back to the target. Who would want this nail polish? Maybe gals who can’t help licking their fingers after devouring a red velvet cupcake (like yours truly).

But even if I’d want to mix cupcakes with Prosecco, I’d never go near this varnish. It might contain the real drink and even smell like it but one look at the ingredients list would stop me in my tracks: “Alcohol, Shellac E904, Artificial, Prosecco Flavouring, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Saccharin, Prosecco, Colour, R555 Potassium Aluminium Silicate, E171 Titanium Dioxide, E172 Iron Oxide.”

Seriously?! You’re telling me to eat that, Groupon? Not a chance. The last warning though, is pretty funny: “DO NOT DRINK”. You know, in case you were going to pour the contents down your throat.

The way I see it, there’s no reason* to drink Prosecco this way. Let’s keep drinks and nail varnish apart.



*unless your guy is into foot fetish and then, who am I to judge? 🙂

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