Where The Chic Girls Go: Mara Mura

I’ve always loved discovering charming and inspiring places in the middle of the city where I could let out my inner Carrie Bradshaw. Places I could go with my laptop or tablet, order a cappuccino and a decadent chocolate cake or light raspberry tart and write the day away. Those places where the food is good, the atmosphere is buzzing with creativity and everyone is immersed in hushed conversations, interrupted from time to time by a giggle or a clinking of glasses.

Those places are few and hard to stumble upon, believe me. It’s an art to match the decor to the food to the people. So, every time someone mentions a new, sweet oasis like that, I take notice. Especially when it bares my name.

Yep, the latest place I discovered on Instagram was Mara Mura, a bakery that looks at sweets through the eyes of a little girl. The spirit of the place is playful but chic, located in a retro-looking shop.

Of course, the sweets are to die for! The pictures are enough to make me come up with an excuse and finish work earlier to go for a sugar marathon. But equally impressive is the clientele. The intricate bench, tables and chairs you see above are almost always taken by chic gals, looking for a spot to read a good book or just enjoy a sunny day:

Beautiful customers #maramura #maramurasweets #bestplaceintown

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From lady-like outfits to trendy looks and fierce get-ups, at Mara Mura you get to see street style from up close. I won’t lie and say I did some people watching myself, since I haven’t been there (yet!) but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it was the hot spot I imagined. Not because it’s frequented by billionaires and celebrities (although, it’s not impossible), but because it seems to be a place where people come to enjoy themselves, to savor something different (all Mara Mura desserts are made from natural ingredients, no additives).


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I’d even dare say it’s a place to get inspired fashion-wise or at least to make the best of your beauty bag and fashion closet. Not to be seen or to take selfies, but to wear those outfits that are too eccentric for the “general public”. You know, the ones that you’re avoiding to put on, afraid of drawing sly remarks or getting dirty looks from envious and conservative people (I wish we could care less about what people think!).

Anyway, I’m going to see next week if my first impressions were right. Until then, I’m encouraging you to discover your city and, once in a while, take work far from the office.

Also, if you liked this post, would you want to see more like it? I could tell you about other places and the fashionable people that it attracts. Tell me what do you think, in the comments below!

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