How To Cinch In A Jacket When You Can’t Find A Belt

Guys, I have a talent of going for things that look so cool on people but aren’t quite right for me. Like the black, suede jacket/cape that I got last year. It has 3/4, straight sleeves and an A cut that simply swallows me whole — sometimes. I usually love the fact that it’s not supposed to follow the body line but on some ocassions I just wish it had a button. Or I had an appropriate belt.

Thing is, my waist to hip ratio is significant. So my couple of belts that close neatly above the hips simply fall from the middle of my waist, which is where I’d wish the jacket would fit more tight.

So I found a workaround that can apply to you too, if you need something to cinch in your waist and don’t have a coordinated belt around.

A choker. Hear me out – you need a choker that folds around your neck and finishes usually in a bow:


It hit  me this morning. I looked around the bedroom, saw this choker on top of my accessories box and wrapped it around my waist. And voila! Suede on suede.



From a distance, you can’t even tell it’s supposed to go around your neck.


Plus, the gold details break the whole black affair. If it makes a lot of creases, simply loosen the grip a bit.

Do you have other DIY styling ideas for me? I’d love to hear them! Write me below or look me up on Instagram at @marapruna.

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