How to Spring Clean Your Beauty Bag

After I put my activities and nutrition in order, I found myself buried in a sea of expired or useless beauty products.

Some of them were purchased a century ago, others had been fads that didn’t match my style and my present age (approaching the 30s, guys).

So what did I do? What I had been postponed for months: a thorough selection and organization.

Here’s how to put your beauty bag in order too:

1. Needless to say, throw out everything that’s too old/passed its expiration date. In my case, that was mascara, lipstick, blush. I rarely used the colors or the items but still kept them for that “special ocassion” that never arrived.

2. Edit the items you were left with. Start by being honest with yourself – what are the things you use on a daily basis? Keep those.

What are the two-three things you might need at a party? Keep them too and try to arrange them in plain view (if they’re stored in the bathroom or on your nightstand). This way, you won’t forget them when the time comes.

With the exception of a couple of summer products (such as a bronzer powder or waterproof mascara), get rid of the rest.

3. Now, notice your skin. Is it still oily or has it changed to a more mixed skin? With the passing of years, you’re going to notice that your skin’s needs have changed.

You’ll switch to anti-wrinkles creams , ditch the ones for acne-prone skin or change your routine in other ways.

Just observe your skin for 7-14 days and see what’s what. You might just realize that the face cream you were using five years ago is damaging/ not keeping with your needs now.

4. Invest in appropriate products. Conditions change. Years ago, I used products for oily skin with acne problems. Then, my skin became sensitive, itching and reddening. I switched to dermatocosmetics, where I found Bioderma to be calming and hydrating. I swore to stick with it and stop experimenting with my skin.

Now, I’m using Caudalie Polyphenol C15 because a. it’s time to fight wrinkles!, b. I need skmething more nourishing, with a matte finish (Bioderma left my face shiny, as if it wasn’t absorbed at all) and c. I can afford it.

My advice? If you have the means, invest in quality. Don’t negotiate your health.

Spring Clean Beauty

5. Search for the best mix of natural and efficient your money can buy. I used a CC cream from Gerovital in the last couple of years. It did its job and it was cheap. I was glad to save money for a product I used on work days mostly. But when the time came to buy it again this April, I hesitated. I felt I was making a compromise. Yes, it was cheap, but my face was super shiny during the day, it transferred on everything (shirt, glasses…) and I wondered if I had a better option waiting for me.

In hours, I was sold on Apivita Aquavita BB Cream. A brand with products made from more than 90% natural ingredients. It cost me more than double the price of the previous tinted moisturizer, but since that one was pretty cheap, this became a decent deal.

6. Choose your look. Being a chameleon is fun at parties or when you’re a teenager but as a grown up woman, I felt I needed to define my beauty look.

Spring Clean Beauty

Considering the environment I work in and the amount of time I have to get ready on the morning (ridiculously short! Food and sleep trump prepping), I decided to go with a simple day look – eyeliner, mascara, tinted moisturizer and Apivita balm, Vivid Matte Liquid nude lipstain or Burt’s Bees lipgloss. My shoulders thanked me for taking out some pounds of the bag this way!

At dinners and parties, I simply replace the eyeliner with a smokey eye and go with a suave lipstick or play with eyeshadow and bright lip colors

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