No Matter What You Do, Never Layer Clothes Like This

Layering is Spring’s escape. It’s a way to make sure that weather changes never catch you off guard. The rules are pretty simple – you start with body-hugging items and add more loose, oversized clothes over, so that they keep you warm without making you look like a tortilla.

You can play with different textures, mix neutrals with brighter pieces, but there’s one thing you should never, never do: force layers on you. Never juxtapose stretchy clothes that fit you so well, that anyone can see the contour of your bra straps.

Like this girl did. She built a fortress of clothes, dressing in t-shirt after t-shirt. After she puts on  dozens of layers (I really hope they’re joking with the title 100 layer ), watch her as she tries to take them off:

Ooookay. Do you have some scissors around hereee? This is definitely a scissors situation.

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